Major Content Marketing Trends in 2017

Content marketing has been one of the most significant aspects for taking your websites to great heights. It has played a valuable role in 2016 for all the websites who eagerly want their websites to be ranked at the top. With a stronger content write-ups published, most of the websites tend to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO can spell their magic only if websites exhibit innovative and frequent content updates regarding their brands. Content will take hold of resourceful and varied role in remaining months of 2016 and 2017. It is accountable for visibility, as well as engagement, thus turning the clients and customers into loyal ones for the valuable brands.

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Let’s check out the latest trends that are anticipated to rule the content marketing in 2016 and also in 2017!

Content Marketing Trends in 2016

2016 Content Marketing Trends

The top trends that continue to dominate in the rest of the months of 2016 include Content promotion, Interactive story-telling, Episodic content, Video live streaming, Technology, Newsletters, Fringing social media platforms, Native advertising, and Influence.

Content Marketing Trends in 2017

1# Focus on Excellent Contents: You need to provide creative and remarkable contents on your website. You should select trendy topics on which you can execute proper research and write high-quality, engaging contents which helps in solving queries of users and also offers them the best services they’re looking for. Also, when you’re aware of your users’ interests, you can personalize the contents you craft in a better way. Instead of a marketer, they will believe you as a genuine companion.

2# Build Video-based Contents: Video-based contents will be hugely popular in 2017 as they are easy to understand for the viewers and customers. Videos showcase your services in a unique way within 5 minutes with titles and sub-titles added to it. People prefer to see it by just a simple click on the video, and share it on their social platforms, which further become viral. Videos on your website help in capturing the attention of your viewers tightly.

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3# Try out Creative, Brightening GIFs: GIFs are mini-videos with creative caricatures on certain topics, for example: Humor VGIFs, Navratri, Durga Puja, Elephants dancing in shoes GIFs, etc. These are the interesting formats that have emerged, and will be attracting the viewers a lot. The younger audiences have started getting enticed by these GIFs. Companies too will be focusing more on GIFs for their website posts to make big steps.

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4# Mobile-friendly contents: The contents published on your website should be created mobile-friendly. Most of the people are reading contents by surfing websites on mobiles. So the mobile-friendly websites are always ranked high and will remain effective.

5# Create E-commerce contents: E-commerce websites are anticipated to grow even bigger in 2017. If they desire to succeed, they need to craft contents on their products beyond its description so that viewers can have an in-depth knowhow on those products, and they will stick to your website only. The content marketers have to write in short about the products, and further write additional contents on specifications and features. They can even write on “how-to” thus displaying the worth of such products with engaging contents.

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6# Auto-generated Contents: 2017 will see the contents that will be auto-generated sans interference or input of content developers. Machine will produce attractive contents for their viewers. In fact algorithms are expected to develop into more proficient, thus presenting in brief reports like weather reports or sports news.

7# Create Contents in Long-form: Till now you were making short, significant contents for your site that conveys about your effectual services. Next year long-form contents will dominate for a long-term as a result of rising, fresh technologies approaching from Google. Such long framed contents will be integrated into content marketing blend.

8# Development of Aggregated content: This is a popular trend of content marketing in 2017 where many number of websites will progress towards user-created contents, thus collecting in the variety of news and articles. For example, Twitter is obtaining snippets of texts and photos from different users in order to offer a more varied view of any kind of topic, and it will continue to do so next year.

9# Skyscraper Content will be significant: Content developers will be focusing more on skyscraper method. Rather than crafting content from the scratch, you can just expand the existing content by improving it for better. Go through the comments below the published post, and make it more informative for your readers.

10# Google Knowledge Graph and Content formation: Google knowledge graph is amending new rules as content creators are creating long contents. Contents when researched and formed in a long length will rank in SERPs on the top position.

11# ‘Instant Articles’ for publishing: Facebook initiated a new tool “Instant Articles” which helps the publishers to quickly publish their articles over here on FB. Publishing posts on Instant Articles are getting more hits and views and will also be in demand in 2017.

12# ROI measurement on Contents: In the coming year, more strict guidelines and metrics will be planned out by the finance section so as to validate the prices related with content marketing. Hence, ROI should be high on metrics with brilliant contents on your website.

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13# Snapchat and Facebook: Snapchat will remain as a craze in 2017 when it comes to posts and video viewing. In fact Snapchat has outshined Facebook in a great way for promotion of contents, along with images and videos.

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You can take variety of advantages to leverage Facebook with the purpose of impelling your contents for generating leads. Hence you require creating your content marketing strategy in a splendid style which changes FB for lead generation.

14# Superb Teamwork and Workflow: As the competition will be rising higher by next year, it is essential to spotlight on smooth workflow, and hiring those people who have years of experience in developing best contents.

15# Paid Distribution will put impact on Contents: With the use of paid advertising, small, medium and big businesses can bring about big possibilities for them, and further represent the catchy contents to large audiences. That’s why Facebook and Instagram are huge platforms for paid marketing attempts.    

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 Therefore, read the above content marketing trends of 2017 and apply on your website to maintain its ranking higher up on all the search engines!

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