10 Best Blogging Apps to Use and Track Success of Blogs in 2016

Blogging has been an excellent way always for the bloggers where they can convey themselves fully, their significant opinions, whatever they know, and also their views regarding a particular subject. Nowadays bloggers use their iPhone, Android, or similar kinds of smartphones to share interesting ideas, write opinions on them, and stay connected easily. But great number of applications is growing fast for the bloggers which are easily accessible on Google Play.

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If you’re an enthusiastic blogger who loves blogging and working on permanent blogs, then the following ten best apps listed here will be a big help for them. Use any of the best preferred apps to track success of your blogs and pull more number of audiences towards your website!

1# WordPress: WordPress is the most popular application, and has its own self-hosted compatible WordPress blogs which are hosted on WordPress.com. These blogs allows you to execute multiple basic tasks such as crafting and posting blogs, editing, checking properly and analyzing data, and publishing images or videos from your smartphone device.

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2# Tumblr: Many bloggers would like to keep blogs on Tumblr; hence can use Tumblr application that includes few functional features for posting contents online, viewing messages and responding to them, posting opinions, and handling several Tumblr blogs with the use of this app. It will display you contacts of Tumblr blogs from your address book, thus you have the chance to follow them easily.

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3# Blogger: Blogger is one of the trendiest platforms used by many bloggers. They can take the opportunity to use the Blogger app. Compared to WordPress, this app is pretty limited, but still Google is there behind this app to support on their blog services.

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4# Writer: It is not at all a simple task of blogging and finishing your work through your smartphone because on the mobile screen things look very small and distracting at times. The Writer app lets the writers to focus completely on crafting text contents on your smartphone or tablet, and in this way you can calmly wrap up your writing in a calm mind.

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5# Dictionary.com: If you’re unaware and unsure about the right meaning of words which you want to add in your blog post and publish it, and waste your effective time in finding alternative words to use suitably on your blog, then worry not! Dictionary.com is the perfect choice in solving these problems nicely. This app is also designed for those bloggers who are unable to speak native English fluently. They can easily find the right words and apply on their blog posts.

Dictionary.com (www.redmondtimes.com)

6# Google Drive: Google Drive app lets the users for stocking all kinds of important documents that also adds Word document, audio, video, and Excel spreadsheets. It also provides a chance to coordinate documents via numerous gadgets on your Google account. If your blog isn’t finished on your PC, then you can complete it on your phone with the use of Google Drive app.

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7# SwiftKey Keyboard: Many of the bloggers have often dreamt about this superb application. When you get tired of typos on your smartphone or tablet, then SwiftKey Keyboard is an ideal application that auto-corrects your mistakes easily, and also offers word prediction of your earlier writing.

SwiftKey (www.techgiri.com)

 8# Photo Editor: You click snaps from your smartphone and upload them quickly on your blog. But with time to time you may require making few small corrections, and here is where Photo Editor Application comes to immense help. With the use of this app, you can speedily edit, crop, re-size your images accurately, and also add texts or special effects.

Photo Editor (fotor-photo-editor.en.softonic.com)

9# Evernote: It is a unique application for capturing various ideas which suddenly approach your mind when you are somewhere outside. You have the chance of capturing sketches, images, posting texts, and capturing audio with the help of Evernote app. These materials will then be synced through your devices so as to be sure that all your notes are effortlessly approachable through your smartphone or PC.  

Evernote (blog.evernote.com)

 10# BeyondPod Podcast Manager: Few bloggers don’t have sufficient time in hand to read or they are disinterested to read; they may favor listening audio contents or watching distinct videos. BeyondPod Podcast Manager is a brilliant application which allows you to simply download, subscribe, and hear audio or video podcasts. This app is designed perfectly for those bloggers who have no time to sit and read blogs of various other bloggers.   

BeyondPod Podcast Manager App (play.ggogle.com)

Hope you would experiment with the above blogging apps to make your blogs more attractive!

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