Advantages of Facebook Live: Create, Share, Explore

Facebook Live is presently an app based feature which has potential benefits for FB users, customers, and business users. With the utilization of Facebook Live, you have the prospective to reach everyone across the world who are following you on Facebook. Your live streaming on FB puts a great impact on your fan following as they gain the opportunity to interact with you directly through messages. Your live conversation will also allow you to know the total number of viewers watching your video.

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You can make use of your smartphone with Facebook Live in order to share few moments right away with those people who care about you, including your fans, friends, family, or clients. In fact you can immediately reply to their comments, and see their quick reactions too. Let’s get to know on the benefits of Facebook Live, and how it is more appealing.

1# Interactive features – Live Reactions, Replay Comments: As Facebook Live is very interactive, the Live Reactions and Replaying comments made at that time will create it even more fun. Through Live Reactions, viewers can simply express their feelings in the forms of Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry. Such reactions animate right below the live video. Hence when you are talking live with your audiences on FB, you can get to know of your fans’ feelings towards you.

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When your fans comment under your live video, you can too engage and respond back to their questions and suggestions. Even the replay comments of Facebook Live streams can remain on your page afterwards also.

This will make the viewers happy that you have reacted to their questions. Thus people’s enormous comments are 15 times more on FB Live videos than on usual videos.  

2# Live Chat appropriate for the users: Users will find Live Chat appropriate. The reason is that many online users want assistance from Live representative as they make up their minds to buy online. Their questions will be answered live when they’re in the mid of an online purchase. The online chat system gives its users immediate access to help. Thus the live chat produces huge buzzing user experience.

3# Worldwide Facebook Live Streams: The questions or comments that users share with the live representative during broadcasting are visible over the video. On Facebook Live, the video telecast is in square format, and the comments shared by viewers worldwide are placed right below the real video. If the live conversation is missed by you, the video can be replayed again anytime to watch, and share your comments too.

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4# Live Chat lessens down costs: Live chat software can save on both phone prices and employee task time. Live chat not only reduces the average interaction costs, but also boosts the efficiency by allowing Live Chat representative to handle several chats.

5# Live Chat increases sales: Live Chats on the website progressively enhances sales numbers. The higher customer satisfaction scores better for business growth. The essential factor is that customers can now have a live representative who can talk to them instantly through a sale when they become puzzled, or have any question in mind to ask, which can thus make or break a sale. When their queries are solved by the representative, they directly buy products online. The live representative is in an ideal position to recommend valuable purchases that can perfectly suit the customers.

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6# Live Chat hits into customer pain points: When a user/customer’s requirements or frustration has yet to be filled, it is called as a pain point, and the marketing teams digs out social media’s message boards for such pain points. Live chat imparts instantaneous access to pain points of customers. While customers use live chat, they will attempt to ensure that a product will execute as per advertised, or its promotion will offer the discount they want. As the live chat representatives interact with their customers, they can explore distinct ways to boost a company’s products and services.    

7# Live Chat bestows you an edge of your competition: Live chat is a key ingredient that websites must have so that they can be competitive and rise to the top. Live chat affords an easy way to connect with clients and customers who spend a good deal of their money online. The customers will be surely convinced by the live chat. At the same time, the cost savings and feasibility for both customers and staffs makes live chat a great possible option for today’s businesses, and also a crucial tool for any company that accomplishes on offering excellent customer service.

8# Go live often: You need to be creative while appearing live in front of your viewers. You should also go live quite often in order to keep your audience completely engaged with you.

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9# Broadcast for longer time is advantageous: The longer time you broadcast, the more possibly users are to explore and even invite their FB friends to watch your video. You are suggested to go live for minimum 10 minutes, and you can remain live for up to 90 minutes.     

Hence, the filmmakers, movie actors and actresses, music directors, entrepreneurs, professional writers can go live on Facebook for half-an-hour or an hour, and answer questions regarding their works. Facebook Live is a brilliant way to get connected with the audiences.

Users must watch out the Facebook Live videos whenever they flash, and communicate with the live representative!

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