Best Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out in 2016

With each passing year the digital marketing is evolving speedily and adjusts to new technology, new approaches, and new actions. Being a marketer, you must be responsive of what is on the prospective to ensure you are well-organized with good marketing strategies.

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Mentioned here are few digital marketing trends which are ruling the market space this year!

1# Visual SEO: Site optimization of your website for search engines is a continuing and ever-changing process. Though contents will always remain significant for the site, but additions of more visual contents like photos, videos, and infographics are more attention grabbers. Engagement of visual content signifies that viewers would like to explore your website and spend more time on every small detail. Search engines notice the visual contents, and hence it’s likely that your website will be ranked higher up, and when users click on them, you’ll gain extra fair points from Google for better results.

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2# Video Authority: Video is certainly going to rule the visual content marketing and usage space this year on YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, and also Facebook Live and Periscope live streaming. For the marketers, the development in video consumption is a new chance to create more number of video contents, and even advertise when and where their viewers are seeing these contents. Whether video programming can be on mobiles, tablets, or desktops, they are appreciated by most of the internet users.

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3# Live Streaming: Live streaming trend is rising like anything and loved by audiences across the world. It can be in the form of sports event coverage live streaming, or musical concert on YouTube, or any popular celebrity conversing with their fans on Facebook/Snapchat/Periscope/Meerkat Live. It has been very easy to view live contents through quality videos via mobiles, PCs, and tablets.  Even the TV hosts, TV actors, CEOs, makeup artists, yoga teachers, entrepreneurs, and other distinct celebrities prefer live streaming with their audiences to have random talks with them.

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4# Data is ruling: Online marketing has now become a recognizable field, and marketers should be acquainted of what metrics they should look for, to decide how effectual their campaigns are designed.

Digital marketers have now approach to every explained data and analytics. The ups and downs of marketing campaigns can be resolved and backed up nicely by good data that will help in creating marketing decisions. Gain knowledge on which metrics are vital, and also work out how to explore the main information required, either through researching into the Google Analytics, or by utilizing different tools for approaches in your marketing endeavors.

5# Responsive Mobile: Mobile optimization is essential for your website and digital marketing attempts. As more number of people are using internet through their mobiles, that’s why mobile is chosen as the first screen for them. As per the Oracle report, almost 80 per cent people across the world will own smartphone by the year 2030. Also one among five millennial are mobile-only now.

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6# Paid Social Media Advertising: Social media marketing is continuously progressing. Many brands still have hard time with organic reach, mainly on Facebook. Even though you have your business page regarding your website, but if are willing to reach out with your FB fans, then you have to make premium payment. Besides FB having paid advertising options, you can also craft Buyable Pins on Pinterest; build Brand stories on Snapchat; place the ‘Shop Now’ Instagram Ads, etc.

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7# Virtual Reality: Virtual reality is the latest concept where Oculus Rift is certainly the advertised VR device. There is a completely new method of using contents for the people. Being a fine marketer, you can utilize this new medium to reach out to your audience. Virtual reality will help in personalizing your effective marketing efforts and product expansions.

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8# Wearable Tech: The industry of wearable tech has risen from 2015 along with Apple watch making the lead. Wearables are the new classy mobiles seen on many people’s hands. You can use the social networking sites and other internet sites with the use of wearable tech. Marketers are making these smart watches more popular in order to come closer to their customers.

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Hence, you can follow and practice the above digital marketing trends of 2016 to expand your business to a great extent!

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