Top Leading Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Digital marketing has appeared as the fresh face of marketing and it is an evolving target with a tremendous focus on the development of brands and ROI. The industry of digital marketing is expected to be larger and excellent in 2017. Technology biggies like Google, Microsoft, Bing, Facebook and many others are enthusiastic over this huge standard of digital marketing.

Best Digital Marketing Trends 2017 (Digital Vidya)

Listed here are few of the vital digital marketing trends which will gain a bigger feat in the year 2017!

1# Live Video Streaming: Live video streaming will be ruling this year as it would be executing live interactions with its consumers and audiences. As per the predictions, live video will grab up to 84% of the internet traffic by the year 2020. It not only connects with its audience in actual time but also feels more genuine as it emerges as impromptu and unscripted. When the live video streaming is added in the marketing blend, it also enthralls the audience and also the digital markets can fix their anticipations on digging out the audience rendezvous via this business interaction.

Live Video Streaming (Entrepreneur)

2# Growth of Artificial Intelligence: Just like the last year, artificial intelligence [AI] is the most discussed technology of 2017 and with predictions of digital ad marketing evolving up to $80.38 billion; the digital marketing too will witness a big increase in performance and strategic scope along with AI. Whether it is product or content suggestion, ad re-targeting, active pricing, optimized SEO click-bait headlines, or market strategies, the AI is a superb form of technological modernization which one can’t miss this year.

Artificial Intelligence (i-Scoop)

3# Creative Content rules again: Content will be the king for this year too. Audiences get mesmerized by those websites who produce a high level of contents where they love to visit often and gain knowhow too. Just like marketing focuses around good content, in the same way, digital marketing also follows this path for better exhibition product-related contents. Campaigns like brand awareness, crafting brand establishment and brand repute all rely on how much the content is relevant as well as heavily engaging. Hence content will reign to stand as a king for the digital marketers.

Content rules in 2017 (Bobby Rettew)

4# Continuation of Social Media Marketing: This year also the digital marketers will be using the social media marketing for attaining leads for their products and services. The trend of SMM will persist to develop as many digital marketers will be looking forward to implementing wonderfully with the use of distinct mediums of social media marketing. Most of the brands are present on social media nowadays, and several digital marketing agencies are managing their web pages. The presence of the stronger brand is analyzed by evaluating how many people are discussing and engaging with a particular brand on an online channel which summarizes the real significance of social media marketing for all the digital marketers.

Create A Strong Social Media Marketing (by BrightMove)

5# Mobile Marketing will grow more value: Approximately 85% of internet users are having their own smartphones which portray how huge the medium of mobile marketing is now for the digital marketers. The digital marketers have the opportunity of testing with mobile searching, mobile applications, and mobile payment methods to craft the value of their brands. In addition, the digital marketing agencies aim the advertisements on the mobile précised platforms and apps that encourage their brand identification viewers. Thus the mobile marketing blended with social media marketing is noticed to execute superbly in the digital marketing.

Mobile Marketing on high (Analyst Consult)

6# Augmented reality will evolve digitally: When it comes to digital marketing, the augmented reality is playing a great role in the marketing campaigns of various industry biggies. It will change the digital marketing drastically. When the augmented reality is utilized in a specific digital marketing campaign, it is seen that the consumers can take a quick decision in very small time. Thus it stands as one of the main motives why the digital marketers require placing a closer eye on this year’s technology.

Augmented Reality (Pinterest)

7# Data Visualization creates it huge: Many of the digital marketers are concentrating on the Infographics because of the trending data visualization. The aim of data visualization is to express proper, quick and accurate information to your target viewers through animation or chart graphics. Where digital marketers are focusing on more number of data, visits, engagements, shares, better data visualization grasps these kinds of goals for themselves. This year too digital marketers are calculating the data visualization to be the most exciting means of interactions with their audience.

Data Visualisation (

8# Native Advertising develops: In 2016 native advertising was viewed on the internet far and wide, and in 2017 it will be noticed excessively too. As per the latest studies, the native advertising business will have an excellent value of $54 billion. With the help of native advertising, the digital marketers can easily relate towards the target audience, at the same time, it can obtain a great number of leads and social engagement. Whether it is sponsored content, content suggestion, or in feed the social advertisements, the native advertisements this year will be noticed on the internet all over.

Native Advertising (SlideShare)

9# Virtual Reality: Virtual reality is a remarkable marketing opportunity which is above a technology to observe and it can’t be ignored at all. When crafting the virtual narratives that boom along with their target audiences, most of the companies can influence the VR theology to gain higher sales and establish strong customer relationships.

Virtual Reality (eLearning Industry)

10# Reliable Testimonials: This year the business owners should reflect outside the conventional testimonial box. The testimonials can be effortlessly coded such that the search engine can identify them easily, thus building them more worthy pieces of web contents. When your website gets more reviews, it will be ranked higher up in the search engine result pages. The testimonials should exist in distinct places all through the site adding the contact page, home page, or any other pages where the quotes are pertinent to the rest of the content pieces. It is even advantageous to include several kinds of demographics and diverse kinds of buyers to exhibit a range of products you are selling or any type of problems which your company resolves.

Vital Testimonials (Pro Design Exhibits)

Hope the above digital marketing tends will help you in adding and practicing them on your business websites!

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Sanghamitra Roychoudhary

She is a professional Technical Writer, Content Marketing Specialist, Content Editor. Author of IT Techno Solutions. She's a learner for lifetime; and explores WordPress, and shares new and fresh findings to develop her proficiency and also help her audience with the latest IT learnings.

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