Why Inbound Marketing Need Marketing Automation to Succeed?

One of the top marketing preferences of many marketers is to enhance immense traffic to their websites every year. Marketers of today’s times are well-aware that the buyers are carrying out various research online and they also look forward to placing their websites at the top of the SEO rankings. The actual question is how would they conduct it? Here is where inbound marketing and marketing automation comes into action.

With inbound marketing, it is described as an online marketing strategy for attracting more new customers towards your products or services through creative content, catchy images or videos, search engine optimization, and social media posts. It even draws more customers through their interactions via their comments and viewpoints which are pertinent and also valuable to the prospective customers. Loyal, potential customers can search you through various channels like social media, search engines (like Google, Bing) and blogs. For this, the contents have to be credited for the way you have developed in order to address the customers’ requirements, problems, and solutions.

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Whereas, marketing automation defines the software platforms created for the marketing organizations and sectors which swap manual procedures along with automated solutions, like setting up of blog publishing time, crafting workflows, organizing social media posts, and many more. This is the software you will exercise to design, form, improve, perform, and evaluate your inbound marketing program. Marketing automation can also be described as a technology that rationalizes and automates the marketing chores so that the companies can easily raise functional productivity and produce revenue quicker.

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Well, you should reflect upon executing inbound marketing as well as applying marketing automation, if you haven’t even worked on these steps.

The togetherness of Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation

Due to the constraints of inbound marketing, a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy requires integrating a complete approach of lead generations that covers webinars, emails, events, inbound tactics, and advertising. In order to abstract the extreme value from inbound marketing, many companies require to blend it along with lead developing, and other constituents of marketing automation. You can say it as the inbound marketing multiplier. With these, you are actually turning the names of your business into leads as well as customers. According to the CMO of InfusionSoft [a provider of sales and marketing software for smaller businesses], Greg Head, “Excellent marketers are utilizing the inbound marketing and also the marketing automation; thus, they are obtaining amazing returns.”

To conclude, inbound marketing is absolutely an approach that executes well and should be compulsorily a section of all the marketing portfolios. But one should remember that inbound marketing isn’t a technology, but a strategy. There are distinct technology solutions that assist the inbound marketing, involving blog software, SEO, content managing and monitoring of social media, which can accompany marketing automation results. Hence, you need to select the right kind of inbound marketing tools and also the right marketing automation platforms when it comes to your business expansion, but never settle on either one of them!

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