Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Those are the bygone days of visiting libraries to refer books and take photocopies of few pages. Even the photostats and chalkboards are past in classes. Thanks to the new-age generation which has expanded with technology at their fingertips. Education has changed and the internet has become the vital source of information. There has been an accessibility of smart technology like IT suites, tablet-based learning, interactive whiteboards.

AI in demand in the education industry (Hidden Brains)

The quick progression of technology, such as Artificial Intelligence [AI] has put a tremendous impact on almost all the industries and this also includes education. As per the latest AI market in US Education Sector report, Artificial Intelligence is anticipated to develop by 48% from 2017 to 2011 in the education market of America. AI can be a big ally to the teachers, tutors, professors, trainers. Their jobs are not at risk of being a replacement by robots – as AI programs can teach higher learning or mastery. The academic scenario is becoming more convenient and thanks to the various applications of AI for education. This has shifted the way people learn as educational materials are becoming available to all through smart devices and computers. Let’s explore the role of Artificial Intelligence in education.

How AI is Applied in Education currently

As Artificial Intelligence is computer-based, it can be associated to distinct classrooms across the world. AI has been already offering the teachers, instructors, and students with creative ways to understand how their class students are developing and, also permitting for a quick, customized curated contents.

  • Personalized Learning: It might not be possible to manage a classroom of 40 or so students regarding personalized learning. Hence, AI can offer a customized learning focusing to a particular learner’s strengths and weakness.


  • Teaching the teachers: AI offers the teachers with comprehensive information anytime. They can utilize this info to educate themselves in things like mastering complicated programming techniques or learning foreign languages.


  • Global learning: Education is unlimited, and AI can assist to eradicate boundaries. Technology brings drastic transitions by facilitating the learning of any course from anywhere across the globe and at any time. AI-powered education provides students with fundamental IT skills. With more inventions, there will be a broader range of courses available online and with the help of AI, students will be learning from wherever they are.


  • Mentors’ assistance: Apart from teaching, teachers must prepare themselves for upcoming course chapters and making papers. Here robots can help in making papers, thus lessening the workload of mentors and tutors. AI can even grade the multiple-choice tests and they also aid in improving enrollment and admission processes.


  • Making connections with everyone: As AI is computer-based, it can be easily connected to distinct classrooms across the world, thus providing good communication and cooperation and collaborating among many learning institutions and across countries.


Artificial Intelligence Powering Education Applications

There are few educational applications powered by AI that boosts learning in students and they also empower the teachers and learners to reach their education goals with better awareness.

  • Brainly: Brainly is a platform that utilizes machine learning algorithms for filtering out of the spams.


  • Content Technologies, Inc.: Content Technologies, Inc being an AI company, utilizes deep learning to craft customized learning tools for the learners.’


  • Thinkster Math: It is a tutoring app which applies AI and machine learning in their math tutor app for visualizing how the students think and what has made them stuck. It will help them to give a personalized feedback.


AI and the Future Workflow

Government is constantly encouraging on raising the education standards with complete focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics [STEM] and, also on the non-cognitive soft skills. Learners need to be prepared for AI from quite early. With students comfortable with digital world, AI can be included in their education. This will help the future workforce to be well-prepared for upcoming challenges of tomorrow. Thus, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay for a long run and will be a tremendous help in the educational of the students who are the futire of IT industry.

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