How To Prioritize Social Media Efforts Greatly

Those were the earlier times when marketers could skip to focus on the social media, which wasn’t as popular as today. With the changing time, the core focus has moved to social platforms as one of their biggest marketing strategies. Few questions that loiter in mind are: which are the most active platforms? Which platforms should one opt for first? Hundreds of social media are approaching in the market; so it has been tough to select the best and popular ones.

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Few marketers are anxious about the fact that if they don’t share their web pages on every platform, they might miss out on any kind of opportunity. Using social media is time-taking and complicated at times; it needs the right thought process and strategy to set things in place. It is good to be active on all the social media channels, but not always possible. When you’ve limited time and resources, you have to figure out which platforms will give you more benefit and your brand will be well-known more. It relies on whom you take interest to sell your products to, and on which platforms those people spend time.

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Here’s a quick analysis on how to prioritize, manage, and organize social media tasks:

  • Facebook and Twitter: Both Facebook and Twitter may not be great sales tools, but they’re brilliant at establishing good connections with users. If your priority is customer engagement, especially for retail businesses and services, these two mediums are superb. As both are adopted worldwide, you are sure that your customers will be active often. You can create communication with your customers and continue brand awareness of your company on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Pinterest: Pinterest is completely a selling tool that is more of an interest-driven. It is very easy to reach out to various kinds of people from distinct places across the world who takes interest on what you’re up to. They note of those beautiful products you pin on Pinterest and want to sell. Being a vast interactive pin-board, this is an amazing medium to set online catalogs added with buy.  If your focus would be only on Pinterest, hire an experienced photographer for clicking some beautiful pics for you to post here.

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  • Google+: Known has the twin sister of Google; this medium has its own online benefits. Google+ is strengthened and prioritized by Google and Bing search engine that cares about the latest updates. Sharing your business’ web pages on Google+ offers you a great placement on Google’s search engine result page. If your content topic is exceptional and different, you are bound to see that those web pages shared via Google+ rank higher on Google. This reinforces your indexing on Google search. So a 20-minute extra time to write something nice and creative on Google+ is worth it as every people end up visiting your website pages.

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LinkedIn: It is an outstanding medium to take into account, especially those who’re in the B2B industry. LinkedIn helps in connecting with professionals in several fields. This is also great where professional groups also find exact solutions to many business problems by interacting with each other. One can get good jobs in best companies. People can also develop prospective clients and make their business names known in public. Though one needs to invest their time, success knocks at doorstep once they plunge it.

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How to prioritize Best Social Media To-Dos

  • Post creation and schedule: They are actually the essentials of any social account. For being effectual on social media, you have to make sure to make a worthy and steady presence which your viewers can depend on. Also, you make sure that as a big company or an entrepreneur for your business, you are delivering on this and keeping your promise.
  • Check channels and engage: It is very important to sustain a reliable stream of high-quality content on social media channels. But at the same time engaging with the community is vital too. That’s why you as a company should grow strong relationships and faithfulness with your audience. Here you get to learn and know how your contents receive your audience and where you can source more and better contents via user-generated content [UGC].
  • General social listening: Beyond these social channels, one has to keep up-to-date on the current breaking news topics on your web pages and thereby share on as many social media platforms. You can work on general topics that are trending which people can associate with. You can even include brand mentions which are influencing and engaging too with your viewers.
  • Planning: Planning stands as an important part of social media and number one priority. You have to plan out and keep up a nice social calendar for you to deliver great contents in a balanced and tactical way. Such planning provides you the framework you want to put in place within. With the help of planning you along with your business colleagues can arrange events, launches, short-term campaigns and prepare well from before to face any odd situation that might come up in a way of critical comments on social media.
  • Experimentation and testing: This is the best to-do list where you can be extra-creative, try out new things, and explore original ideas and paths to make a difference on your social media accounts. So set your targets; run them and analyze with awesome results.
  • Reporting and analysis: You need to check reporting and analysis segment of your contents that publish on social media. You can emphasize on accessing your progress chart and how to support the higher ratings.

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Well, what you think about the prioritization of above social media efforts? Which are the social media platforms you have prioritized the most? We would like to hear from you through comments!

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