Convert Your Online E-Commerce Store into Mobile eCommerce App

Mobile apps have made their place solid in the eyes of users as they’re soaring high with their popularity and innovations. Suddenly there has been a huge increase in the mobile users; that’s the reason the big, medium and small companies are implementing on the mobile applications for their business to expand their market reach. With more numbers of ecommerce stores, also approaching with their own ecommerce websites (used via desktop and mobile website), they are building its mobile ecommerce apps too.

eCommerce mobile apps in huge demand (Quora)

Many businesses are now working on their mobile ecommerce app to excel every single day as the scope of business gets higher with its app. Though it is a costly affair for small businesses to create its app from scratch for grabbing the online market, they will be at a great advantage in the long run! Let us make you know how converting a mobile ecommerce app from its online ecommerce store stands as beneficial and more productive!

  • Handy and convenient: These mobile ecommerce apps have absolutely been handy and convenient for the users to use it anytime they wish. For this, the web developers need to have a complete planning regarding different kinds of processes. The user can completely trust the mobile apps as everything on that app is easy to buy.
  • Lessens the app cost with its existing website: When an ecommerce site already has its existing website, the entrepreneur can develop its mobile commerce app at a lesser price. The ecommerce apps stemming from the functional sites also take less time to come to the market.
  • Identification of platform: One can create an ecommerce app out of a website made from ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, etc as it can be identified easily in the online market.
  • Building an overall consistent look and feel: Ecommerce mobiles when developed finely offers a consistent look and feel which is awesome. Branding of the app is done in such an excellent way that it is bound to attract more customers towards it.

    A good look of the ecommerce mobile app (Quora)

  • Easy deployment: Once the mobile ecommerce app is ready for use, after performing quick public testing, is directly uploaded to the application stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, the user just needs to install that mobile ecommerce app from the Play Store and start using it as per their convenience!
  • Better engagement by the users: The users do not need any third person’s help to use the mobile ecommerce app. Only if they want to ask something regarding any product, they can contact customer care via online chat or call.
  • Catalogs given with categories: Every product that is listed over your ecommerce mobile app has its own ID in the mentioned database. Also, those products are categorized under titles, segments, and subsegments with its prices and small product descriptions. Whichever product the customers are searching, they can find out by looking at those categories.
  • Easy authorization: Any new user can effortlessly log in to the mobile ecommerce app to buy a product of their choice. Once they have signed in, they don’t need to do so again, the next time they even want to visit that app online through mobile.
  • Notification alerts: The customers can be notified about the products is available on sale. This becomes easy for them to purchase more from your ecommerce mobile app.
  • Convenient to make payment: Mobile ecommerce app gives the customers few online payment options like credit card, debit card, master card, paytm, or cash on delivery option at their doorstep.

    Easy and quick payment method on mobile ecommerce app (Space-O Technologies)

  • Tracking purchase easy: Once the order is placed by the customer, they can easily track their orders as that mobile ecommerce app notifies them about the product delivery status via SMS links send by them. Hence, the customer can accordingly know how far the product has reached.
  • Shopping cart option available: At times if the customers like a certain product, they have the option on mobile ecommerce app to add it to the shopping cart, to purchase it later. Of course, they may or may not buy that product from the cart.

    Add items on the shopping cart of ecommerce mobile app and shop as per your time (Social Space)

Hence, a mobile ecommerce app is hugely productive and going to stay and rule the market, and it is recommended to every ecommerce store to adapt their mobile app too! Share your views and comments with us!

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