Best Ways to Integrate a Brand Personality to your Website

Suffusing your brand personality on your website can be a complicated task. It’s completely a different scenario when portraying your brand onto your website. Having a well-known brand personality stands significant for your business as it can aid in enhancing your brand popularity, its awareness, and far-and-wide online recognition. Normally it takes a few seconds for the visitors to stay on your page. Few features of your brand personality like – website design, creative content, attractive images, video-presentation, value proposition, and exceptionality can put a lasting impression on your viewers and at the same time, influence them to visit your website often.

Make your brand visible on your official website (

The job of a modern marketer is to generate a web experience which connects everything perfect and appropriate about their company and its services it offers within 60 seconds. Hence, it is very much vital about how a prospective observes your website and your brand products displayed. Let’s explore some effective ways to add a brand personality to your website, without missing any instinctive user experience.

1# Customize your company website: A great way to exhibit brand personality is to customize your company business with exclusive themes, eye-catchy layouts, popular social media widgets, and ideal author bios. These will help in practicing remarkable benefits which approach with unique content marketing strategies.

Customize your site in a simple way (Four Elements)

2# Write genuinely the way you talk: Your customers and viewers should always relate to your website and understand your products and services easily, then only they can make up their minds to consider them. Just the way you talk in person, you should write authentically on your website in a similar way. Gradually you can receive a positive response from your visitors.

3# A captivating About Us page: Displaying your brand personality on your About Page will make the readers focus on your products and services. Your website should also add information regarding your business goals, achievements, and experience in the industry. These along with your business productivity on About Us page will assist your clients and customers to fix their mindset of working with you and also purchasing your products accordingly.

4# Organized graphic designs: Readers are always fascinated by appealing designs and alluring graphics. Hence, you can permeate your brand personality in your website through your creative and cohesive design and graphics that will make your brand notable and make your followers identify your brand easily. This will bring about many numbers of visitors visiting your website frequently.

Your brand should stand distinct from others in graphic designing (

5# Smooth website navigation: It might be tricky to design the navigation of your website. Your website should stand out among your competitors and also easy-to-use along with additions of few visually refreshing elements so that the visitors can effortlessly explore your web pages without facing any problem.

6# A touch of personal stories: Your brand can be highlighted more on your site by sharing personal stories that will make you different from others. In one segment, your team heads can share in the form of videos about how effective your products are for their customers and also about an optimistic experience they had with other businesses in the actual world. Another segment on your website can be personal experiences shared via testimonials and tweets by clients who have been profitable by your services. Such experiences will help connect with customers and clients on a personal level as they will also be convinced by your services to work for them in the future.

7# Social follow buttons: Best practice for your brand personality recognition can also be adding social media follow buttons (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc) on every page of your website. Your customers can share your web page on their social networking site by clicking on those social media widgets that are placed on your website.

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Hence, making your brand personality reflect on your website beautifully will help your business grow excessively on the right track. The use of above productive ways will boost your brand to prosper in the market far-and-wide!

Sanghamitra Roychoudhary

She is a professional Technical Writer, Content Marketing Specialist, and Freelance Web Content Developer. Author of IT Techno Solutions. She's a learner for lifetime; and explores WordPress, and shares new and fresh findings to develop her proficiency.