9 Best Digital Marketing Trends to practice in 2019

Marketing your own business or company has become a huge deal nowadays and here is where digital marketing comes to aid, which is also known to be internet advertising or online marketing. The use of digital marketing has enhanced tremendously over a time span, which has in return, helped the people be convinced to buy various kinds of products and also connect with the businesses.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a great way to associate with your potential customers and influence them online about the products. The best examples of digital marketing include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and blogging. These mediums assist in introducing your customers to your company’s excellent products in various creative ways, so much so that they themselves are eager to make the purchases at affordable prices.

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Essential Digital Marketing Assets

The company marketers are applying a few of the essential digital marketing assets online to reach out to a wide range of customers who would stay loyal to them in the long run. These marketing tools cover your SEO-friendly website attractions; written contents [product descriptions, blog posts, eBooks, testimonials, etc]; images [product shots, company photos, infographics, etc]; video contents [product demos, video ads, etc]; branded logos and icons; reviews; online products/tools [interactive contents, SaaS, etc], and social media company pages. The intelligent marketers are constantly approaching with unique ways to communicate with their customers.

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Manage Customer Relationship implementing Digital Marketing Strategies

The digital marketing strategies have been evolving continuously for grabbing more eyeballs. Few of the strategies used by the businesses often are content marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, paid search advertising, native advertising, affiliate marketing, and marketing automation, among others that are used for the promotions of their products and services. The companies have been creating their ideal campaigns in the market through many advertising platforms by just signing up, and further propagating it in their social media circle. The more impactful your digital marketing strategies are, the more growth your company will see in its ongoing product sales!

Significant Ongoing Digital Marketing Trends

Being a digital marketer, you should apply some of the important digital marketing trends that are prominent in 2019!

1# Voice rise: Voice rise is much in demand with thanks to Google, Alexa, and Siri, and many other smart devices for enabling virtual assistants to provide answers directly to our questions. It’s the best way of interaction as one can ask any kind of questions they have in mind and also exploring new things and it will be quickly solved by the virtual assistant then and there with details. Nearly one-third of the 3.5 billion searches performed on Google daily are voice searches now, with personal assistant devices leading the way.

2# Instagram is a bang-on hit among the users: Instagram has been a great hit among its users. The image and the video-based Instagram platform are nicely optimized for the users to easily share the photos and videos from their smartphone. Instagram is developing tremendously as it has already surpassed one billion users. The users can also go live with their audience as well have a one-to-one conversation.

Instagram a hit among its users (blog.brandedlogodesigns.com)

3# Twitter on the rise: Companies, entrepreneurs and other professionals belonging to any industry always prefer tweeting on the current situations. Twitter use is a very popular medium among them as they are free to share their opinions on any subject. Twitter is of course here to stay for a long run!

 4# Facebook peaks up: Facebook still manages to be among the top platforms. More than youngsters, people above 60 are using Facebook more often, either to communicate or to upload pics and videos. In the United State, Facebook is currently ruling at No. 1 social networking site with an ideal 41% of users who are over 65 years. Facebook is also a great medium for marketing your products and sharing campaigns.  

5# Video a must: There is still a big segment of people who engage in YouTube. Not only they watch the given videos of YouTube, but they are now making their own videos on different subjects. Users are making their YouTube names and upload their original videos for audiences to know about their works be it their product reviews, restaurants, food recipes, hotels, interviews, etc.

6# Use of Chatbot increased: Chatbots known to be a computer program, conducting a conversation through auditory or textual methods, helps in easily communicating with the users and helps in completing their goals. Chatbots interact with people via the text chat window use, including verbal interactions also. The use of chatbot has developed greatly in 2019 for digital marketing. In fact, chatbots are applied excessively on Facebook for thousands of users for their distinct tasks. Bots also permit users to acquire personalized interactions. Chatbots can handle customer support functions in providing weather reports to almost everything the user asks for help.

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7# AI and Machine Learning: The artificial intelligence and machine learning have operated progressively more effectual data analysis, which becomes effortless for the marketers to provide hyper-personalization to their prospective customers, adding content personalization.

8# Unique Contents does matter: Content marketing continues to be an important factor in digital marketing. The quality of writing matters the most as uniqueness is needed to showcase. Where the content of the general audience will always stay significant, the specialized materials for particular industries or the experts can even produce great results. This combination in assessing content effectiveness keeps the content marketing moving ahead.

9# Email getting more personalized: Email marketing is changing hugely and it’s now the blend of personalization and automation which makes the email marketing more significant. Emails are being used in communication for the use of commercial, industrial, personal, academic, scientific and legal purposes. If the user is sending mail of specific products, followed by its promotional price and demo video in a personalized email, then it turns out to be more effective.

Hope you have understood the digital marketing concept and its latest trends very well! Do share your views with us!

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