8 Best Tips to Write A Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose offers you a chance which other different application materials do not give – an opportunity to write down right from your heart. The statement of purpose [SOP] is an important portion of a Ph.D. application. One should take it as a cover letter – it should convince the selection committee that you’re having the right qualifications, clear professional goals and enthusiasm to follow graduation studies in their program; apart from grades, test scores and other kinds of requirements. The admission committees assess the personal information and required data to check whether you and the university are a good winning match.

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Make use of the given tips below to write a statement of purpose that stands out from the rest!

1. Customize by making a proper introduction: It is very important for you to customize your statement of purpose to each school, program or project while applying. Your SOP should convey the committee members why you decided to apply in their school by orienting their professors, approaches or resources which will aid you to attain your academic goals.

 2. Exhibit your qualifications: You need to put an explanation of why you’re greatly qualified for the Ph.D. program. Add a small summary of your undergraduate and graduation career mark sheet. Convey them about the research projects you took up and also your thesis or your other publications. Mention them about any scholarly activity you were engaged in and performed excellently. If any special needs are referred for the program, like, foreign language expertise or any prerequired courses, then you should describe how you completed them in your SOP.

3. Enlighten Your Interests: Your interests in research should be a vital segment of your statement of purpose. Arrange for an ideal topic you are interested in research by specifying a theme, outing a question or stating a problem. Discuss what encouraged your interests in this particular topic and how it will confer to the field and also the present state of scholarship.

4. Exhibit them you belong there: Your SOT should associate your research interests to the school you have applied. You should mention those professors along with similar interests with whom you are keen to work with and utilize particular examples of their works to describe why so. Be very clear about how that school or institute would aid you to accomplish your research goals. Ask them if they partake a special approach to the resources that will aid you to research better.

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5. Be very concise: You should ensure that your statement of purpose should not extend more than one or two pages long, unless and until a particular word count is mentioned in your application. Also, delete any filler phrases or sentences.

6. Don’t reveal your life story: At the same time, make sure to evade excessive storytelling in your SOP. Don’t describe in detail why you choose this particular profession, like a lawyer or psychologist. They already are aware that you are ardent about the specific subject; that’s why you want to do Ph.D. where your past accomplishments have formulated for the Ph.D. program, your statement of purpose should concentrate on your future as a professor.

7. Ask for Feedback: When you are done with writing a draft you are fully satisfied with, then you can ask one of the professors in your field from that institute who knows you very well and also your interests to read your draft. This will assist you to view your statement of purpose from the viewpoint of someone else with experience on the admission committees.

8. Proofread well: This is the last and the most crucial step to be followed for any application. Make quite a few readings of your statement of purpose to ensure there aren’t any grammatical or typo errors. Your SOP should be perfectly written with perfect editing. Double-check the professors’ names and their work titles rightly. If your grammar is not that strong, it’s advised to ask someone good in English to proofread your statement of purpose. A unique presentation of your statement of purpose is required.

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Hence, showcase your talents, passions, and experiences by implementing the above effective tips which direct you towards the program, motivates you to apply by writing a superb Statement of Purpose and further getting selected by the Ph.D. program by the faculty members!

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