14 Basic Technology Etiquettes in Office

Technology etiquette as a new term has developed extensively in the offices which hold many significant fundamental features of appropriate business behavior when scenarios posed by the latest technology is addressed. Every I.T. offices have their individual technology etiquettes that mention to a code of conduct which has to be followed by the employees working in that company.

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To put it simply, an appropriate office etiquette mentions to an unwritten code that every employee should be following so that they can be successful in their work sector. This is actually a set of norms that is hugely accepted. The office etiquette may comprise very good manners, to be courteous and humble towards the other persons, and making proper use of workplace technology in an apt manner. Well, the techno-etiquette has risen which holds fundamental features of suitable business behavior when addressing various business scenarios. Let’s explore the few vital techno-etiquette guidelines over here.

  1. I. T. has become an integral segment of every business proposal.

From multi-national companies maintaining processor systems and databases to small businesses owning lesser computers in offices, still, IT plays a significant role. The reasons behind the universal use of information technology in business can be excellently determined by looking at its best-used etiquettes in the office sectors.

  1. Smooth Communication

Email is the major means of communication between employees, clients, and customers; using live chat systems, smartphones, video-conferencing systems, online meeting tools, and voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephones. Keep the email communication short and crisp.

  1. Learn and Use Programming Languages

Ensure your employees learn and apply I.T. programming terms like, JavaScript, Swift, Python, Java, C++, Elixir, to name a few. These will help them to coordinate professionally with their clients and colleagues.

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  1. Be updated with the latest I.T. Skillsets

Have a good knowhow on Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Applied Machine Learning, Blockchain, UI/UX, Coding, Mobile Development, Data Visualization, Data Engineering, Cyber Security, etc.

Update with latest IT skills (thebalancecareers.com)

  1. Maintain decorum

Every I.T. professional should maintain a certain kind of decency with their boss, fellow colleagues, and immediate clients. This will help in maintaining a cordial relationship and a teamwork spirit.

  1. Keep your work confidential

Never ever share your official details with outside people, be it your ex-clients, friends or your competitors. Maintain secrecy and follow the company guidelines.

  1. Maintain Data Management digitally

Ensure to store the digital versions of documents on the useable servers and storage devices, instead of files whose writings may fade off someday. Use office laptops only to preserve the important data.

Keep the data management digitally (analyticservice.net)

  1. The Effective way of using Management Information System

Managers should be quick enough to use management information system [MIS] to track the sales on a daily basis to note its profitability; productivity levels, ROI, and expenses.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

Employees should conduct themselves politely with their loyal customers. A nice interaction with your customers, be it through calls or messages can convince them to rely on your company and associate to gain profits for themselves, which in turn will increase sales revenue.

Ensure to maintain a good customer relationship (StartupNation.com)

  1. Be a Great Team Player

While working on projects with your team employees at your workplace, expectations are there to coordinate with them greatly. With different personalities, it might tend to be tough, but it’s hugely important to communicate clearly and effectively. Listen to other team members’ points of view and hence share your opinions too. Ensure to be a good team player; learn something new from your work and others too, and execute accordingly.

  1. Know your IT Policies

Always follow the IT policies at your workplace which would be beneficial for your job, working environment and your company businesses. Take out some time to read those IT policies applied to your workplace.

Ensure to follow IT policies (Upwork)

12. Use office laptop only for office work and in meetings

 The employees should use the company’s given laptop for company work only, and not for personal use; though the use of different website option, apart from company website use, is blocked. One should utilize it in meetings, respond to office emails and important office works. Even if they are taking the company laptop at home, they should work on it for office purpose.

  1. Keep your official mobile phone for office use only 

When a mobile phone is given to the employee from the office, it should be utilized for official calls to the clients and customers. Keep the calls short and nice with them.

Use office phone for office use only (Popular Scinece)

14. Work email for work purpose only

One should use work email for work purpose only. Never use it to be in touch with family and friends. Every company creates a work email for their employees; so, they should use it for emailing their clients.

Use your office email id for office use only (wikiHow)

Hope the above technology etiquettes are followed by office employees! If you know any other IT etiquettes, do share with us, along with your views and comments!

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